Studygroup FAQ

This page contains the most often asked questions about the Japanese Study Group. 

The Japan Fans is a regular meeting that allows to get acquainted with the Japanese language. The “lessons” are teached by our certified Japanese language teacher: Yuko sensei.
The lessons are given in English.

For the Zero Beginner classes, you don’t need any knowledge of Japanese. Just bring a pen, paper and a good mood. You will get an introduction to the Japanese language and practice basic travel sentences that you can use in Japan.

The Beginner Japanese classes  focusses on the basics of Japanese grammar and vocabulary. Having some prior knowledge of hiragana/katakana and basic Japanese grammar is advised.

The Advanced Beginner classes extend the contents of Beginner Japanese classes. Being able tor read hirakana/katakana is neccessary.

Where: 1st floor of the Bibliotheek Leidse Rijn (Brusselplein 2, Utrecht).

When: Every friday
13:30-14:30 Zero Beginner / Beginner
      Books:Nihongo Fun and Easy +Marugoto 入門 A1 (katsudou)
14:30-15:30 Advanced beginner Japanese
                       Books: Marugoto 初級1 A2 and 初級2 A2

Sign-up: not necessarily

Cost:  It’s free, but donation to Japan Fans and Yuko sensei (our teacher) would be appricated. A QR code is available during the lessons, payments links are included in the description of the “Japan Fan Announcement” group (see WhatsApp below).

The Studygroup uses 2 closed WhatsApp groups for communication to it’s participants. The first one is for organizational matters (announcements and the like), the second one is for language related questions.

If you want to be added to them, please use the following link and (after being accepted) introduce yourself in 1 or 2 sentences.

General social etiquette rules apply (such as be respectfull to other members).

We are mostly using the Marugoto materials. They aim for learning to actually communicate, rather than teaching grammar and sentence patterns.

  • The Zero beginner classes use the “Nihongo Fun and Easy” book. Just bring pen and paper to make notes.
  • The Beginner classes use the A1 Katsudoo book. This book uses both hiragana and romajii.
  • The Advanced Beginner use the 2A2 katsudoo book. It uses hiragana only.

You can participate without bringing a book. During the lessons, books/handouts are available, so you don’t have to bring a book in order to participate.  But if you want to study at home as well, having your own book is preferable.

The Katsudoo books are available at and Please ensure that you are ordering the katsudoo version (not the rikai version).
Additionally, our teacher (Yuko Sensei) offers the books to participants at a 20% discount.

Bringing pen and paper is handy to make notes, and a “goed humeur” (good mood) as we Dutch call it. Occasionally people bring snacks to share.