Who Are We?

We are Japan Fans, but who are we? The people behind Japan Fans Utrecht introduce themselves below.

Japan Fans - Japanese Art & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht
Japan Fans – Japanese Art & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht

The Japan Fans are an Utrecht based club for enthusiasts of Japanese arts and culture. We aim to facilitate friendship and inspiration based on our shared interests and strive towards realising our own Japanese Art & Culture Centre in Utrecht. More about us:

Who Are We? The People Behind Japan Fans Utrecht

The Stichting Japan Fans (Japan Fans Foundation) consists of:

Harro Kremer (president & treasurer)
Marieke Suppers (secretary)
Tibo van Boetzelaer (general board member)

The Japan Fans websites are realised by:

Khadiza Akter – webdesigner
Nienke Krook – SEO specialist

Japan Fans Origin Story

In the midst of the 2020 COVID pandemic, an Utrecht based group of friends decided to digitally unite themselves, in order to share their interests in Japanese art and culture. On this website, the “Japan Fans (Utrecht)” will share their knowledge and events, in order to form a bridge that facilitates friendship between our two countries.

Inspired by the success of groups like Open Huis in Overvecht and the Old English Enthousiasts, in 2021, the Japan Fans Utrecht share their interests in Japanese art and culture by organizing lectures, workshops and demonstrations on a wide variety of subjects related to the Japanese culture and history. A small selection of the plannend events includes demonstrations of Japanese board games and Japanese cuisine, an exhibition of Japanese sea monsters, a concert with Japanese flute music, and workshops in Kyudo (Japanese archery), origami (Japanese paper folding), sumi-e (Japanese calligraphy) and manga drawing.

In the future, we would also like to facilitate more Japanese language study groups, martial arts demonstrations and competitions, courses on Zen buddhism and Japanese yoga, tea ceremonies and much more events related to Japanese art and culture. We have already been invited to various interesting organisations, so as soon as the lockdown is over, we will also start planning excursions. Read our Mission & Vision to find out more.

The Japan Fans Utrecht are embedded in the local community of Utrecht and open to new members – both Japanese residents and Japan Fans from abroad– and new collaborations. Should you wish to join and/or do you have an interesting idea for an event or a discount from your (Japan related) business, just contact Martine. As of August 2022, the Japan Fans Utrecht consist of over 3000 members, most of whom are also in our Facebook Group.

As the Japan Fans Utrecht wish to form friendship bonds with Japan Fans from all over the world, we also publish blogs in English. Are you interested in contributing too, for example by typing a blog, playing a concert, hosting a virtual exhibition or making a video? We would love that! Just contact Martine.

Japanese Art & Culture Centre

Our dreams are big… In the long run, Japan Fans Utrecht aims to establish a Japanese cultural centre in Utrecht. Do you dream with us? Explore the Japan Fans vacancies!

Japan Fans – Japanese Arts & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht