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Welcome to the English homepage of Japan Fans, for arts and culture from the centre of Utrecht. We are a group of friends who all have “something” with Japan and love to share this common interest.

In the spirit of Bushido, we welcome all Japan enthusiasts and strive to maintain an open community where people feel connected, supported, and heard. Read more about our Mission & Vision.

The Japan Fans volunteers have committed to providing the residents of Utrecht and other parts of the world with active and vibrant programming to promote a better understanding of the Japanese way of life with cultural, artistic and educational programs.

Japan Fans Activities

As an organization we are socially and socially involved. Through our educational and recreational activities, we invite and gather people from all walks of life to explore the rich heritage of Japan. Some activities include organising digital or on-the-ground events like origami workshops, martial arts demonstrations, Japanese cuisines, concerts with Japanese music, and many other planned events. For example, have a look at our Japanese Study Group, the Japan Fans Book Club or the Japan Fans Haiku Group.

Would you like to join one of our activities, or perhaps set up something yourself? Please contact Martine. We are mainly active in the Utrecht city center region but would like to expand this. In addition, we are always looking for people who want to help us with fun content for the site and our social media.

Have fun on this website!

じゃあ また!

Japan Fans - Japanese Art & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht

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