Kodomo no Hi event in Utrecht

Last Sunday, volunteers from the Japanese Cultural Centre Utrecht and Japan Fans organised a Kodomo no Hi event in the centre of Utrecht.

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On Kodomo no Hi – the Japanese children’s day – 2024, a group of Japan Fans came together to create a vibrant day filled with traditional Japanese activities right in the heart of Utrecht. From kendo to origami, the little ones and the young at heart alike had a blast!

Kodomo no Hi, also known as “Children’s Day,” is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating the health and happiness of our precious kiddos. This year, we were thrilled to welcome children from diverse backgrounds, including Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, and Indonesian heritage, all coming together to share in the festivities.

The day was brimming with excitement as children immersed themselves in both budo (Japanese martial arts) and visual arts. The kids started with kendo and aikido, showcasing their discipline and physical prowess. The second half of the afternoon was dedicated to the magic of origami and kirigami, where colorful paper creations came to life under the guidance of our talented instructors.

We couldn’t be happier seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they painted wooden planks to take home and proudly displayed their artwork. Mei-Lin, aged 6, exclaimed, “Trying kendo was amazing! It felt so cool wielding a sword!” And Ahmad chimed in, “I had a blast making origami. My crane turned out so well!”

Events like Kodomo no Hi highlight the importance of cultural exchange and community connections. Through gatherings like these, we aim to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation for diverse cultures in our Utrecht community.

This heartwarming Kodomo no Hi event in Utrecht was featured in the Utrechts Nieuwsblad, and we’re delighted to share the joyous moments with you! Curious about future events and activities? Feel free to reach out to us! Let’s continue spreading joy and cultural harmony together!