Japan Art Expo

We are thrilled to announce the exciting collaboration between Japan Fans, the Japanese Cultural Center, and Japan Art Expo in Utrecht.

Japan Fans, the Japanese Cultural Center, and Japan Art Expo in Utrecht.

Japan Art Expo (JAE) combines the buzz and vibrance of an art fair with the knowledge and expertise of a conference. In a unique event spanning three days, JAE showcases the best of Japanese craftsmanship through talks, demonstrations and dealer exhibitions.

JAE is solely dedicated to Japanese art and antiques. An impressive lineup of international dealers from across Japan, Europe and North America will be joined by scholars and educators in Japanese culture; each of them experts in their field. The event attracts a diverse audience, from seasoned collectors and industry professionals, to hobbyists and students of Japanese culture.

Traditional lectures and symposiums rarely involve the opportunity to hold and interact with the objects themselves . The event’s founder wants to break down this barrier between audience and artwork, putting physical objects at the centre of the learning experience. Through a series of talks and specialist handling sessions, visitors will be able to engage with the artworks in real life, and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese craftsmanship.

As appreciation for Japanese crafts continues to grow outside of Japan, there has never been a better time to bring together so much expertise under one roof.

For collectors, JAE is an excellent opportunity to make new acquisitions as well forge connections and relationships with industry insiders. For anyone just starting out in their collecting journey, specialists will be on hand to answer any questions and provide unbiased advice and knowledge, giving you peace of mind and confidence in buying.

Japan Art Expo runs from 7th-9th June 2024 and tickets can be secured through the JAE website. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the timeless beauty of Japanese art. We’ll see you there!