Shin Ei

It’s a great honor for me to introduce authentic Japanese culture to the world through Shodo, the Japanese Calligraphy. As a born and bread Japanese artist, I lament seeing people abroad using incorrect Japanese for their tattoos or T-shirts. I would like to translate your favorite words, expressions or your names in authentic Japanese words and elegantly present it to you. I hope you can enjoy the wonderful world of Japanese Calligraphy.

Shin Ei – Japanese Calligraphy Artist
Shin Ei writing 春風(shun puu), meaning “spring wind”
Shin Ei holding up her calligraphy of calligraphy is 翔 – fly high!

Welcome to this new virtual exposition! This time, we would like to introduce you to the work of Japanese calligraphy artist Shin Ei. Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Shin Ei started practicing calligraphy when she was 6 years old, and has thus been practicing for over 20 years, now.  

“Around 2015, I started volunteering as a calligraphy teacher for Japanese people in a nursing home,” Shin Ei tells, “At the same time, I was posting my calligraphy records on Instagram, and started receiving requests for works and workshops from my overseas followers, and started to work in 2019.”

Shin Ei’s calligraphy on this t-shirt reads  美  and means beauty.

“I’m currently teaching dozens of people online in countries such as the U.S., Italy, the U.K., and the Netherlands… and more than 100 works have been provided worldwide!”

A tattoo designed by Shin Ei, with the characters 金繕い for kintsukuroi.

Shin Ei also teaches online calligraphy: “This is a private class, so I will tailor the class to meet your needs (Zen words, words of Japanese seasonal events, names of flowers, haiku, etc.)”

More information about these calligraphy classes can be found at Shin Ei Japanese calligraphy Artist ^_^
Shin Ei’s calligraphy for 希望 - Hope

“My mission is to be an artist who can come close to someone’s hearts through calligraphy art,” Shin Ei explained, and I hope that her work touched your heart as much as it did mine!

“I am happy you love Japan, ありがとう Thankyou 😄🍀”

Thank you, Shin Ei, for sharing your beautiful work with us! ^_^ And Japan Fans, don’t forget to visit Shin Ei on her socials: @shinei | Linktree / Shin Ei Japanese calligraphy Artist / Shinei (@shin.ei) • Instagram photos and videos / Shin ei – YouTube

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