Japanese Art & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht

Japan Fans - Japanese Art & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht

Ever since a group of friends decided to unite to advance their shared interest in the culture and customs of Japan, the Japan Fans volunteers have committed to providing the residents of Utrecht and other parts of the world with active and vibrant programming to promote a better understanding of the Japanese way of life with cultural, artistic and educational programs.

In the spirit of Bushido, we welcome all Japan enthusiasts and strive to maintain an open community where people feel connected, supported, and heard.

Through our educational and recreational activities, we invite and gather people from all walks of life to explore the rich heritage of Japan. Some activities include organising digital or on-the-ground events like origami workshops, martial arts demonstrations, Japanese cuisines, sea monster exhibitions, concerts with Japanese musics, and many other planned events.

On this website, you can read our Mission & Vision, explore our Vacancies, visit our Concerts and Expositions, join our Study Group and our Book Club, read Interviews, download our Japan Fans Fonts, learn about CalligraphyBudoOrigamiJapanese inspired cooking… and much more!

Japan Fans – Japanese Art & Culture from the center of Utrecht.

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Japan Fans - Japanese Art & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht