Je had de aankondiging misschien al gelezen op indebuurt – dit weekend is het dan eindelijk zover: het allereerste virtuele concert op de website! Het spits wordt afgebeten door niemand minder dan Mitsugu Yamamoto, het “one man psychedelic orchestra” oftewel looppedal player EPSTEIN! Met heel veel dank aan Cindy Agterberg (een goede vriendin van Mitsugu) voor het bemiddelen.

Mitsugu Yamamoto was born in Tahara-city, Aichi prefecture. “This city is peninsula of agriculture and developed with factories of TOYOTA in 40 years.” Mitsugu explains “I was studied exercises in penmanship and drawing picture, and baseball.” Mitsugu was 13 years old when he started playing the guitar, “just following the trend at that time”.

“At first , I used an old classical guitar which was left at my grandma’s house. I was believing, ‘this is folk guitar!!’ before I read music magazine! Now I have 3 electric and 3 acoustic. I’m still using the classical guitar!” Around five or six years ago, he also added the loop pedal to his instruments.

He played mostly 90s music but – as you might have guessed – also many covers of The Beatles. And that is also how he came up with the stage name EPSTEIN. “Named from fifth Beatle. It was the band’s name which I formed. And 6 years ago, the band was broken out and at the same time, I broke both of my feet during a local festival. I thought through that I want to keep my music career or quit it all. And I decided to start over as a solo musician.”

With great success, his music already brought him to the United Kingdom for an extensive tour, in the footsteps of his heroes. “At first, I was going to perform in 10 places. But because it was my first tour in England, nobody knows me. So I did everything what I could do, busking , open mic for promotion my gigs. And after I played gig , promoter asked me “Can you come and play again next week?Don’t worry about touring cost!!” Finally I played at over 15 places include the stage in connection with Manchester Psych Festival 2019. It was amazing experience in my life.”

Epstein would love to travel to the Netherlands as well, “I should have been to Utrecht last year for buskers festival. Unfortunately it had been canceled for Covid-19.” as seeking connection with other people from other cultures and countries is one of his main inspirations. But frankly, if you ask him what inspires him, he answers: “Everything. The Beatles, Daily news, Conversations with friends, Psychology, and Touring.” Also, EPSTEIN likes the Japan Fans. “It’s very very nice site, interesting and beautiful! I’m seeking to interact with locals via music and culture of each other!”

Thank you so much, Mitsugu – we hope to meet you in Utrecht very soon! And special thanks to Cindy, for being a bridge between Utrecht and the Japanese music scene.

Below, you’ll find the live stream from club KNOT, in which EPSTEIN also performes: