Free Kanji Course – FLASH CARDS!

Next week will be the eight lesson of our free online kanji course! We have already learned over 60 kanji, they are getting harder and harder and it is also difficult to tell them apart. Therefore in this post some extra repetition, with flash cards.

Fun Fact! 😊 The Japanese word for “panda” is panda パンダ, a katakanization,
but you could also use the kanji 熊猫 aka “kumaneko”/”bear cat” to indicate a panda. 🐼

With the help of carefully selected teaching materials that are freely available online, we are going to remember all the kanji you need for JLPT level 5. Before we start with the next lesson, let’s review all the kanji from the previous lessons! Do you still remember all of them?

Lesson 1: 一, 二, 三 , 四 , 五 , 六 , 七 , 八 , 九 , 十 , 百 , 千 , 万 , and 円 .
Lesson 2: 日、月、火、水、木、金、土、川、and 田 .
Lesson 3: 人, 私, 上,下 , 左 , 右 , 中, and 山 .
Lesson 4: 雨 , 大 , 本 , 今 , 何 , 母 , 父 , 男 , 女 , and 子 .
Lesson 5: 友, 出 , 年 , 国 , 会 , 名 , 天 and 休.
Lesson 6: 小 , 先 , 入 , 分 , 前 , 半 , 学 and 多 .
Lesson 7: 後, 午 , 時 , 行 , 見 , 生 , and 口 .

To help you remembering all the kanji we learnt so far, we are working on designing a set of nice flash cards for you. New cards will be added in our Facebook group. How do you find learning kanji? Which ones are difficult for you? And do you have any questions? We love to help & study together! ^_^