Free Kanji Course – lesson five

Welcome to the fifth lesson of our free online kanji course! With the help of carefully selected teaching materials that are freely available online, we are going to remember all the kanji you need for JLPT level 5. This week, we will learn 友, 出 , 年 , 国 , 会 , 名 , 天 and 休 .

Let’s start with a little recap. In this video, Paul explains some background information:

Let’s review all the kanji from the first four lessons! Do you still remember all of them?

Lesson 1:  一, 二, 三 , 四 , 五 , 六 , 七 , 八 , 九 , 十 , 百 , 千 , 万 , and 円 .
Lesson 2: 日、月、火、水、木、金、土、川、and 田 .
Lesson 3: 人, 私, , , 左 , 右 , 中, and 山 .
Lesson 4:  雨 , 大 , 本 , 今 , 何 , 母 , 父 , 男 , 女 , and 子 .

All good? Then let’s start with the set for this week: 友, 出 , 年 , 国 , 会 , 名 , 天 and 休 .

友 | Learn Japanese Online - Free Lessons + Makoto+ Membership
The stroke order for 友

Meaning: Friend
Onyomi: Yuu [ゆう]
Kunyomi: Tomo [とも]
Vocabulary: 友達 – と߽だち – tomodachi – friend

Hint! It looks like two persons… (人) one is falling (ナ) and the other one is helping him stand. Friends
always help you and get your back! (Historically, however, the two symbols used to represent two hands.)

Meaning: To leave, to get out
Onyomi: Shutsu [しࠀつ]
Kunyomi: De(ru)/Da(su) [で(る)/だ(す)]
Vocabulary: 日の出 – ひので – hinode – sunrise

File:出-bw.png - 维基词典,自由的多语言词典
The stroke order for 出 .

Meaning: Year
Onyomi: Nen [ねん]
Kunyomi: Toshi [とし]
Vocabulary: 今年 – ことし – kotoshi – this year
History: Originally a rice plant ( ) and a bending person above for the Annual harvest symbolizing the cycle of the years.

File:年-bw.png - 维基词典,自由的多语言词典
The stroke order for 年

Meaning: Country
Onyomi: Koku [こく]
Kunyomi: Kuni [くに]
Vocabulary: 国籍 – こくせき – kokuseki -nationality

国 - Wiktionary
The stroke order for 国

Meaning: To meet / society
Onyomi: Kai/E [かい/え]
Kunyomi: A(u) [あ(う)]
Vocabulary: 会社 – かいし߾ – kaisha – company

The stroke order for 会

Meaning: Name
Onyomi: Mei/Myou [߼い/ࠂߺう]
Kunyomi: Na [な]
Vocabulary: 名前 – な߹え – namae – (first) name

File:名-bw.png - 维基词典,自由的多语言词典
The stroke order for 名

Yay! Now you also know the top 10 most common kanji used in Japanese!

According to the book “Keep Calm and Kanji” by Robert Everman, they are: 日人一大出本年国中会 . Do you remember all of them? Watch the video below to repeat & practice them once more. ^_^

Meaning: Sky
Onyomi: Ten [てん]
Kunyomi: Ame, Ama [あ߼/あ߹]
Vocabulary: 天気 – てんき – tenki – weather

File:天-bw.png - 维基词典,自由的多语言词典
The stroke order for 天 .

Meaning: To rest
Onyomi: Kyuu [きࠀう]
Kunyomi: Yasu(mu) [߿す(߻[(
Vocabulary: 休日 – きࠀうじつ – kyuujitsu – day off

File:休-bw.png - Wikimedia Commons
The stroke order of 休

Kanji Combat!

Do you still remember all the kanji from our previous lessons? Repeat  水, 火, 木, 石, and 金 with some Kanji Combat, if you like… 😉

After this week, you’ll have learned 友, 出 , 年 , 国 , 会 , 名 , 天 and 休 . How do you find this kanji? Which ones are difficult for you? And do you have any questions? Discuss it in our Facebook group. Native speakers as well as professional Japanese teachers are happy to help you in you learning journey.

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