Free Kanji Course – lesson nine

Welcome to the ninth lesson of our free online kanji course! With the help of carefully selected resources that are freely available online, we are going to remember all the kanji you need for JLPT level 5. Before we start with this lesson, let’s review all the kanji from the previous lessons! Do you still remember all of them? You can use our flash cards to help you in your learning journey.

Lesson 1: 一, 二, 三 , 四 , 五 , 六 , 七 , 八 , 九 , 十 , 百 , 千 , 万 , and 円 .
Lesson 2: 日、月、火、水、木、金、土、川、and 田 .
Lesson 3: 人, 私, 上,下 , 左 , 右 , 中, and 山 .
Lesson 4: 雨 , 大 , 本 , 今 , 何 , 母 , 父 , 男 , 女 , and 子 .
Lesson 5: 友, 出 , 年 , 国 , 会 , 名 , 天 and 休.
Lesson 6: 小 , 先 , 入 , 分 , 前 , 半 , 学 and 多 .
Lesson 7: 後, 午 , 時 , 行 , 見 , 生 , and 口 .
Lesson 8: 間 , 東 , 高 ,  外 , 来 and 話 .

Remember (most of) them? ^_^ Then let’s start with the kanji for this week: 入 , 電 , 店 , 白 , 手 and 耳 .

As many of you remarked that they liked the “inspirational videos” so much, we will kick of with two of those. The first one is by polyglot YouTuber Lindie, who shares her idea of the five mindsets you need for language learning:

And if you need some inspiration and tips on how to improve your handwriting in Japanese, you can start with this video by Mori:

Meaning: To enter, to insert
Onyomi: Nyuu [にࠀう]
Kunyomi: Hai(ru)/I(ru)/I(reru) [はい(る)/い(る)/い(れる)]
Vocabulary: 入口 – いࠅぐち – iriguchi – entrance

File:入-bw.png - Wikimedia Commons
The stroke order for 入

!! Be careful not to confuse 入 with 人 !!

Meaning: Electricity
Onyomi: Den [でん]
Kunyomi: /
Vocabulary: 電気- でんき – denki – electricity

電- Wikiwand
The stroke order for 電

NB – on the top of the 電 is the radical for rain, do you see it? ^_^

For the lovers of a bit more historical background information about the part under the radical, this is a short animation about the Chinese character for electricity:

Meaning: Shop
Onyomi: Ten [てん]
Kunyomi: Mise [みせ]
Vocabulary: 店長 – てんちࠂう – tenchou – store manager

店: Stroke Order Diagram
The stroke order for 店

Meaning: White
Onyomi: Haku/Byaku [はく/び߾く]
Kunyomi: Shiro(i)/Shiro [しࠈ)い)/しࠈ]
Vocabulary: 白人 – はくじん – hakujin – white person, Caucasian

Fichier:白-bw.png — Wikipédia
The stroke order for 白

Meaning: Hand
Onyomi: Shu [しࠀ[
Kunyomi: Te [て]
Vocabulary: 空手 – かࠄて – karate

File:手-bw.png - 维基词典,自由的多语言词典
The stroke order for 手

This is also a radical – just like the kanji for mouth – and in the live stream below, Risa explains some more about this, with many usefull examples:

Meaning: Ear
Onyomi: Ji [じ]
Kunyomi: Mimi [みみ]

File:耳-bw.png - 维基词典,自由的多语言词典
The stroke order for 耳

And again, a funny animation of the origins of this kanji, that hopefully will help you to remember it:

That’s all folks! Now, you have learned the kanji 入 , 電 , 店 , 白 , 手 and 耳 . How do you find learning kanji? Which ones are difficult for you? And do you have any questions? Discuss it in our Facebook group. Native speakers as well as professional Japanese teachers are happy to help you in you learning journey.

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