Guided tours in the Netherlands

Are you new to The Netherlands? Need an expert to show you the ropes? Nicki is here to help! The president of the Japan Fans foundation offers guided tours in the Netherlands.

One of the videos made by Nicki

Who is Nicki?

Nicki is the president of the Japan Fans foundation. In her daily life she runs her own two companies. One is called Tokiotours. With this company she organizes guided tours in Japan with local, multi linguistic experts. With her other company, “Verken Japan” (which is Dutch for “Explore Japan”), she helps businesses explore the Japanese market and offers consultancy to have successful meetings in Japan and to make deals work.

Why is Nicki a Japan expert?

Nicki has lived in Tokyo for ten years. Currently she is writing her own book “Ten years in Tokyo”, about interesting aspects of the Japanese culture, seen from a Dutch point of view. Nicki was married to a Japanese man for 16 years and has a lot of “insider knowledge” about Japan as a business owner in Japan and as a wife and mother being married to a Japanese man and raising a half-Japanese child.

Nicki started her company Tokiotours back in 2013 and now has a network of 50+ freelance local guides who can conduct guided tours all over Japan. If you would like to see what destinations she offers guided tours in Japan, just look here. If you need a guide at a different location or you need consultation to plan your trip, you are always free to contact Nicki at

Ten years in Tokyo - a book by Japan expert Nicki van Ingen Schenau
Nicki is currently writing her book “Ten years in Tokyo”. If you’d like to read this book, you can support Nicki via her GoFundMe campaign.

What can Nicki do for me in The Netherlands?

Nicki is now living in Amsterdam again. As a Dutch person who has lived abroad for ten years, she has a unique insight in what non-Dutch people face when they want to settle (back) in the Netherlands. Nicki offers consultation and can conduct guided tours in the Netherlands for people interested to see another side of The Netherlands or who are interested in a specific aspect of the Netherlands. Nicki speaks fluent Dutch, English and can manage very well in Japanese.

Guided tours in the Netherlands with Nicki van Ingen Schenau

Who should contact Nicki?

 Are you new in the Netherlands and have practical questions about living in the
 Would you like to be shown around town?
 Do you need help setting up a business in The Netherlands or Japan?
 Would you like to do language exchange between the languages Dutch, English or
 Do you need (online) lessons in Dutch, English or Japanese?
 Do you need help planning your trip to Japan?
 Would you be interested in a personalized guidebook just for you with detailed
information and a set itinerary and detailed maps/directions?
 Would you like to explore the Japanese market and need help setting up
appointments or reaching the right people?
 Do you need consultation regarding how to make the most out of your time in
 Do you need local support in Japan?

Nicki & her daughter Mimiko, in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool

Can I get all these things from Nicki for free?

Unfortunately, Nicki does not have unlimited time available and needs to make a living too. You can ask her for advice and inquire to see if there is anything she can help you with, but she will need to be compensated for her time. Her rates depend on what type of service you require. Are you interested to learn more? Drop Nicki a line via