Japanese Sea Music

On Sunday 4 February 2024, Selene & Martine will play all kinds of Japanese sea music in Nieuwegein, at Keep in Mind, in the series “Gluren bij de Buren”.

Japanese Sea Music

Selene & Martine both love Japanese music and put together a special program, with pieces about the sea.

Together, Selene (of Ambaran) and Martine (of Japan Fans) will play an atmospheric programme of Japanese music about the sea. Selene plays on her home-made chromatic harp and Martine plays on different flutes (tenor flute, bass flute, low whistle and Chinese flute) and on her home-made “Harpij”… They will also let you hear what the Japanese language sounds like.

Gluren bij de Buren

Below is a taste of Selene and Martine’s music.

Click here for more about Japanese music.

It will be the first concert at which Selene will play her home-made chromatic harp!

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Japanse Zeemuziek in Nieuwegein. Selene (van Ambaran) en Martine (van Japan Fans) spelen samen een sfeervol programma met Japanse zeemuziek. Japan Fans, Japanese Art & Culture Centre Utrecht, Japans Cultureel Centrum Utrecht, Japan House, Japan Center