Japanese Stones – Treasure from the Earth

Hey Japan Fans! Do you want to know about the most popular Japanese stones? In history and archaeology we can discover that stones have been loved for both their beauty and spiritual power since the first time we dug them up from riverbeds or sandy beaches. The most prized materials used in Japanese jewelry were stones like agate, coral and ivory. If you’re interested in learning about any stone in Japan, here you are.

Top 5 Popular Japanese Stones

Following is a list of some of the popular Japanese stones that are used for Japanese jewelry design so far.


Stones such as agate are regarded as protective stones. They can prevent bad dreams, stress and energy drain. According to ancient beliefs, agate is a gemstone that balances energies and helps to awaken talents. As a gemstone, agate is available in a variety of natural colors, including red, lilac, pink, blue, black, yellow, gray, and white. It can be shaped into trees, leaves, geodes, or moss-like forms, solid colors, circles, or iridescent.

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agate – picture from Encyclopaedia Britannica

Native Gold

A mineral called Native Gold is the component of the gold product. It is often just called Gold. Gold is referred to as a precious metal since its production is limited. It is used as a fine jewelry material. Native gold has been given this special meaning and property to potentiate all energies and purify negative energies.

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gold – picture by Renee Kiffin


A semiprecious stone, amethyst was used as a gemstone by ancient Egyptians and is really popular in Japanese jewelry designs. It attunes its wearer with feelings, intuition, and values. Amethyst is a stone of the mind, bringing calmness, clarity, and clarity.

Japanese Inada granite

Japan’s Inada Granite is a light grey natural stone used for ornamental purposes. Inada Granite is quarried in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Inada Granite has excellent physical homogeneity and mechanical firmness compared with other ornamental granite stones. Inada Granite continues to be highly popular with Japanese construction companies as an ornamental material. The companies produce about 12,000 tons of granite per year.

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Inada granite – picture from sakuraweb


A significant amount of jadeite is mined in Japan, particularly in the Itoigawa and Omi regions of Niigata Prefecture. Mineral jade is mostly known for its green varieties, although it can be found naturally in other colors, such as yellow and white, as well. It is widely used as jewellery and ornaments in some cultures. The “imperial gem” of jade was used for making a wide variety of practical and ceremonial objects, including decorative items for indoor use and funeral suits made of jade. Jade is considered to be a stone of serenity and a stone of luck, helping to reduce anxiety.

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jade – picture from Wikipedia

Jade is Awarded the status of Japan’s National Gemstone

Jade has been selected as Japan’s National Stone by the Japanese Association of Mineralogical Sciences. In addition to granite, native gold, quartz, and other precious stones, jade was picked as a national stone of Japan based on the following factors.

  • For centuries, jade has been used throughout Japan, particularly in the northern part of the country.
  • You can still see it in nature, as well as find it in production.
  • Mineralogy, geology, and other fields have all been touched by jade, which is a globally significant stone.
  • Japan is famous for its jade, the most famous stone that grows naturally on the island.

This blog was written by Mehwish, a Japan Fan from Pakistan. ありがとうございます!

For more information on Jade and the process of selecing Japan’s national stone, visit https://www.gov-online.go.jp/eng/publicity/book/hlj/html/202110/202110_02_en.html

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