Takonoki – Japanese pandan dessert cake

In our series of Japanese recipes, we also have a section of “pandesserts” – with pan Asian desserts, cakes, and more sweet delicacies & delights! Today, we proudly present you this pandessert: Takonoki – Japanese pandan dessert cake.

The main ingredient of Takonoki – from which it also gets its green colour – is pandan extract. The Pandanus amaryllifolius or simply pandan is a tropical plant that eventually grows into a palm-like tree. The leaves, fresh or dried, are widely used in the preparation of Thai and Indonesian rice and curry dishes… and also in Japanese Takonoki!

Watch the Japan Fans bake Takonoki with sakura decorations in the video above. With Japanese flute music for your delight. 😉

Takonoki – ingredients

8 eggs
300gr caster sugar
3 tbsp pandan extract (available at the toko)
2tl baking powder
pinch of salt
300gr flour, sifted
150ml coconut milk
3tbsp water
3 tbsp green food colouring (also available at the toko)

Takonoki – instructions

Beat the eggs for at least 3 minutes until frothy.

Add the sugar, essence, salt and baking powder and mix well until the sugar has dissolved.

Add the flour bit by bit and beat until it becomes light. Now add the coconut milk, water and colouring and beat again.

Heat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius (or a little less if you are making a smaller cake, like in the video). Grease the baking tin and pour in the batter. Bake the cake in 45-60 minutes.

Takonoki – Japanese pandan dessert cake

If all goes well, your Takonoki now looks like a venomously green, light and fluffy sponge cake or chiffon cake. Enjoy – and don’t forget to share the pictures of your baking results with us. We are very curious to read your thoughts. Do you like the taste of Takonoki? And do you like its colour? Discuss this in our Facebook group! ^_^

Takonoki - Japanese pandan dessert/cake - Japan Fans - Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht
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