5 Reasons We Love Japan

How could be possible select only 5 reasons we love Japan? We have learned that it’s effortless to fall in love with Japan and Japanese culture. It is a beautiful and fascinating country.

Japan is an interesting place because it harmoniously embraces nature, past traditions, and modern technologies. As a result, the Japanese have a culture that reflects intentionality in everything that they do. For this reason, there are a lot of things to love and appreciate about Japan. Traveling to Japan or simply appreciating its cultural influence can be a fun time!

5 Reasons We Love Japan:

The beautiful landscape is one of our five reasons to love Japan
Photo by Su San Lee.

Geography & Landscapes
Japan is considered an archipelago Island country. The Island of Japan is composed of thousands of remote islands and five main islands that formed from volcanic eruptions. As a result, Japan has an interesting geography and landscapes. Travelers and natives can access nature including mountains and seas without having to commute long distances. About two-thirds of Japan is covered in mountains and the southern part of the country has many tropical beaches. Whether you prefer skiing or snorkeling, Japan has a landscape that can accommodate a host of outdoor activities that fit your individual preferences.

the delicious food is one of the reasons to love Japan
Picture by Chanhee Lee

It is impossible to talk about the things we love about Japan without mentioning its food. In fact, Japanese cuisine is one of three national cuisines recognized by the UN for having deep cultural significance. Japanese food balances strong flavors with interesting textured food. Japanese cuisine is best known for its ability to balance sweet, savory, and sour flavors in a way that makes you keep reaching for another bite. Many people love famous Japanese cuisine such as ramen, sushi, miso soup, tempura, and robatayaki.

Japanese trains are one of the five things we love about Japan
Picture by Parco Chan

The Japanese are recognized for being a punctual people group. Its infrequent for them to be late for an appointed meeting. One of the assets to their punctuality is their excellent transportation system. Other than their punctuality, what distinguishes their transportation system apart from other regions is their high-tech bullet trains called Shinkansen. The railway has 9 routes and can carry passengers as fast as 320 kilometers per hour. This trailway makes it easy and reliable to travel throughout most of Japan without needing a vehicle of your own.

Dutch bikes in Japan! We love it!
Picture by Clay Banks

Japan has some of the most densely populated cities in the world. Despite their high concentration of people per region, the country also has some of the cleanest cities in the world. Cleanliness is culturally engrained as a good thing in Japan. Japanese schools even teach the country’s children how to care for their school by requiring them to clean it each day. By the time they reach adulthood, everyone habitually keeps things tidy. There is a cultural expectation that everyone cleans up after themselves and participates to keep their nation clean. When walking the streets of Japan, you will not come across litter or public trash cans.

Vending machines are one of the 5 reasons we love Japan
Picture by catrina farrell

Vending Machines
Japan has produced many technological innovations and advancements. However, the Japanese have become world-famous for how they have taken the common vending machine to the next level. They have 24-hour accessible vending machines that can provide you with various goods and services. This makes shopping in Japan a convenient and novel experience. If you need business cards, you can order them with a vending machine. In need of an umbrella? It’s easy to find a vending machine that sells one when you need one.

Passion led us here - Japan Fans
Picture by Ian Schneider

Final Thoughts
While there are an endless number of things to appreciate about Japan, we think that these 5 reasons are some of the things that distinguishes Japan from other places. And how about you?

This guest blog was written by Japan Fan Alyssa! ^_^

Alyssa Brandon is a writer from Cincinnati, OH. In her free time, she enjoys reading about geosciences and spending time exploring the outdoors. You can follow her on her Instagram @thealyssab .