Free Kanji Course – lesson ten

Welcome to the tenth lesson of our free online kanji course! With the help of carefully selected resources that are freely available online, we are going to remember all the kanji you need for JLPT level 5. Before we start with this lesson, let’s review all the kanji from the previous lessons! Do you still remember all of them? You can use our flash cards to help you in your learning journey.

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Lesson 1: 一, 二, 三 , 四 , 五 , 六 , 七 , 八 , 九 , 十 , 百 , 千 , 万 , and 円 .
Lesson 2: 日、月、火、水、木、金、土、川、and 田 .
Lesson 3: 人, 私, 上,下 , 左 , 右 , 中, and 山 .
Lesson 4: 雨 , 大 , 本 , 今 , 何 , 母 , 父 , 男 , 女 , and 子 .
Lesson 5: 友, 出 , 年 , 国 , 会 , 名 , 天 and 休.
Lesson 6: 小 , 先 , 入 , 分 , 前 , 半 , 学 and 多 .
Lesson 7: 後, 午 , 時 , 行 , 見 , 生 , and 口 .
Lesson 8: 間 , 東 , 高 ,  外 , 来 and 話 .
Lesson 9: 入 , 電 , 店 , 白 , 手 and 耳 .

Click on the lesson to revisit it. Remember (most of) the kanji we learned? ^_^ Then let’s start with the kanji for this week, the four compass points: 北 , 東 , 西 , and 南 .

Before we dive into learning North, East, West and South, let’s start with a nice video to get you in the mood. Did you know that many kanji are the same as Chinese characters in writing style and meaning? Here is a funny YouTube with all kinds of kanji you already know from our previous lessons:


To practice your writing, download a free (and copyright free) kanji workbook by clicking somewhere on this paragraph here – it includes the stroke order and mnemonics to help you remember the kanji.

Meaning: North
Onyomi: Hoku [ほく]
Kunyomi: Kita [きた]
Vocabulary: 北米 – ほくべい – hokubei – North America

Meaning: East
Onyomi: Tou [とう]
Kunyomi: Higashi [ひがし]
Vocabulary: 東京 – とうきࠂう – toukyou – Tokyo


Meaning: West
Onyomi: Sei /Sai [せい/さい]
Kunyomi: Nishi [にし]
Vocabulary: 西暦 – せいࠇき – seireki -Christian era

Meaning: South
Onyomi: Nan [なん]
Kunyomi: Minami [ߺなߺ[
Vocabulary: 南米 – なんべい – nanbei – South America

That’s all for this week – 北 , 東 , 西 , and 南 . Let’s practice these four a bit more with the videos below.

This week we learned 北 , 東 , 西 , and 南 . How do you find learning kanji? Which ones are difficult for you? And do you have any questions? Discuss it in our Facebook group. Native speakers as well as professional Japanese teachers are happy to help you in you learning journey.