Bucket Drummer MASA

Another virtual concert on the website! This time, we enjoy the music of a very special Japanese cross-over artist, namely Masamichi Kato aka Bucket Drummer MASA. Born in Kanagawa (Japan), MASA has made various original instruments from everyday use products and junk items.

MASA plays simultaneously on his many bucket drums and his didgeridoo – which is also homemade, from a PVC pipe. His unique sound is inspired by styles from all over the world: psychedelic music, trance, techno, drum & bass, hardcore and even metal.

Since his first performances, on the streets of Melbourne Australia, MASA has played his music in a wide variety of places – stages, clubs, bars, live music venues, (rave) festivals, etc etc… not only underground but “overground” as well. Here are some videos of MASA performing live, in a living room and on the street:

Keep an eye on our website, because as soon as we can, we want to invite MASA to come and play for the Japan Fans, at our locations on the Oudegracht and on the Middengaarde, and maybe in the Majellapark, like in the video below? 🙂 Stay tuned! ^_^

Thank you so much, MASA, for sharing your unique sound with the world and for granting Japan Fans permission to publish your videos on our website. We hope to see you some time soon, in real life… ^_^

If you like MASA’s music and want to hear more, make sure to visit his website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.