the Japanese Day in Hortus Overzee

Last Sunday, Hortus Overzee organised for the fourteenth time its cultural Japan Day, during which one could immerse oneself in special cultural, culinary and artistic atmospheres in and around the Japanese garden “Meeting of the Streams”. Among other Japan Fans, our board member Marieke was there.

“On Sunday, 3 July, I was allowed to participate in the Japanese Day of Hortus Overzee. What a fantastic event and initiative! The proceeds of the day were donated to Rikuzentakata, a Japanese town that was hit very hard in the 2011 tsunami.

I also donated part of the day’s proceeds to this great initiative. There were beautiful revelations and collaborations, and I am proud to have been a part of it. In recent years, I have taught myself the Japanese painting style (nihonga & Sumi-e). Via youtube and books I came where I am today.

A highlight was the meeting with the Japanese ambassador and the mayor of Den Helder, during a round along the different exhibitors. I would like to thank everyone who was interested in my art and next year we will make something beautiful again, on the 15th edition of the Japanese day!

This week my own website will come online where I will sell my art. Part of the proceeds of my studio will go to further learning about the different styles of Japanese art, and to be able to give workshops and demos.”

Japan Fans with the Japanese ambassador in the Netherlands
Marieke (centre, in kimono) flanked by the Japanese Ambassador and the Mayor of Den Helder.
In the background you can see her works of art.