Basic Japanese lesson 2

Upon popular request, we offer a free online beginner’s course in the Japanese language. This is the second part: Basic Japanese lesson 2.

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Learning how to order drinks in a bar or restaurant is an essential part of learning to speak Japanese. In this lesson, we will cover some of the basics for ordering drinks. When you first enter a restaurant, you will typically greet the staff with “Konbanwa” or “Konnichiwa” (depending on the time of day). Once the staff responds to your greeting, you can give your order.

Basic Japanese lesson 2 – ordering drinks

Use the following structure to order a drink:

Koohii o kudasai

– now replace the “koohii” with something else if you are not in the mood for a coffee
緑茶green tearyoku-cha
紅茶black teako-cha

More advanced: if you are ordering a drink, you could say “Nomimasu” (“I will drink”). If you are ordering a food item, you will say “Taberu” (“I will eat”). To specify the number of items you want, you will say “Ni mai” (for two items) or “San mai” (for three items). For example, if you want two beers, you would say “Biiru o ni mai nomimasu” (“I will drink two beers”). If you want to order three dishes, you would say “San mai taberu” (“I will eat three dishes”).

To ask how much the drinks cost, you can say “Ikura desu ka?” and the server will tell you the price. When you are ready to pay, you can say “Okanjou onegaishimasu” (“Please charge me”).

By learning these phrases for ordering in a restaurant, you can start using them in real-world situations. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to order your drink in a restaurant like a pro!

To learn more about the Japanese language, it is best to find a Japanese tutor or join a study group. There are also many excellent resources available online and in books that can help you learn Japanese. Moreover, you can practise with thousands of likeminded people in the Japan Fans group on Facebook.

Have fun learning this beautiful language!

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