Japanese folksongs on piano

The Japan Fans organise all kinds of concerts – both virtual and live – and also make Japanese music at other Japanese events in the Netherlands. One of the areas we are currently exploring is Japanese folksongs on piano.

Let’s start off with “Going to the Shrine”, a beautiful example of a popular Japanese folksong that can be easily adapted to play on the piano.

Akatombo – 赤とんぼ aka Red Dragonfly -is one of the most well-known and beloved Japanese Children’s songs. Besides this version for piano solo, Martine also likes to play it on her flutes. And Boris the Bengal Tiger Cat likes to sing along!

“Picking Tea Leaves” is another popular Japanese song, beloved by children and adults alike.

One of the first songs that Martine prepared for our Japan Fans concerts was this one, from March 2021, a simple but elegant arrangement of “I am a child of the Sea”.

For many Japanese people, the moon’s craters seem to outline a shadow of a rabbit, and it’s an ancient saying that a rabbit lives on the moon. A beautiful song, which can also be played on the recorder.

Ame (rain) is another short piano piece, based on the Japanese folk song of the same name. Are you curious about the “making off” this music? We got you covered! Here is a “backstage” video, of Martine trying out some “medievalist” harmonies for one of the songs above. Can you guess which one it is?

Do you like these Japanese folksongs on piano? Via this playlist you can hear them all – and new ones are added regularly! Furthermore, do keep an eye on our site and socials for upcoming concerts. We often perform for free in elderly homes and libraries, but also play at larger events.

The Japan Fans organise all kinds of concerts – both virtual and live – among others with Japanese folksongs on piano.

It is our dream to realise a Japanese cultural center in Utrecht, where Japanese music can be heard every day. Oh, and we love to pair up these Japanese folksongs with some Ghibli music on the piano!