Taiko livestream concert (for free)

Join a small group of the Utrecht based Japan Fans for a concert by what is arguably the best taiko group in the world: Taiko Drums Yamato – Drummers Of Japan. As Yamato was so kind to share their performance on YouTube, you can still watch this Taiko livestream concert (for free).

In the Netherlands, the measures relating to COVID have been tightened up again. This makes it difficult to plan some larger “live” concerts (in addition to the flute performances by Martine). But the Japan Fans will not be put off! Tonight, there is a free taiko livestream concert. With many thanks to Yamato!

Taiko livestream concert (for free) by Japan Fans Utrecht
Today is the day! Join us for a free Taiko livestream concert by Taiko Drums Yamato.

If you like some more background information you can also watch this Japan Fans virtual concert. A great introduction to taiko, by a wide variety of musicians, including the two groups from the Utrecht region – Yamato Taiko Drumming School and Circle Percussion – for the first time together on (a virtual) stage! And, to get you in the mood even more, we can also warmly recommend the online event: “Taiko as a Performing Art” held by the Japanese Embassy in Canada. 

Are you ready for it? Turn off your mobile phone, sit down with a cup of tea, and enjoy this dazzling show by Taiko Drums Yamato – Drummers Of Japan: