Asian Fusion Food

In this blogpost, the Japan Fans show you how to create Asian Fusion Food. Easy, healthy and veg(etari)an pan-Asian cuisine. Enjoy!

When we have our own centre for Japanese art and culture in Utrecht, we will of course organise fun cooking classes there on a regular basis. But until then, you will have to make do with our recipes and YouTube videos.

For all vegetarians and vegans – don’t worry, all these dishes fit into the green lifestyle of Shojin Ryori. (Actually, plant-based food would not be out of place in our series on Japanese habits to boost your wellbeing).

Japanese inspired slow cooking

Do you have a delicious recipe to share, or do you know a YouTube chef – like Taka – who deserves his or her own blog on our site? Let us know about it!

Japanese inspired vegan ‘babi ketjap’

An Indonesian dish that many Dutch people know & love, in a vegan version with a Japanese touch:

Teriyaki inspired vegan dishes

The following two videos feature some Teriyaki inspired dishes, one with noodles and one with coconut rice. Which one would you prefer?

Vegan Cantonese “Chicken”

Vegan “chicken” with some sweet & sour seasoning. You can also add chili oil if you’d like your Asian fushion food a bit more spicy.

Kip (chicken) Siam in a vegan version

In the Netherlands, a popular Asian dish to make yourself is Thai influenced “Kip Siam”, chicken in Siam style, with vegetables, cashew nuts and rice. This video shows you how to make a vegan version of this beloved Asian fusion food.

Easy Vegan Asian inspired dishes

Leftovers in the freezer? With the videos below for inspiration, you can quickly create a tasty dish with an Asian twist. The first one combines Japanese vegetables with mushrooms, cashews and rice:

The second video adds some ginger, and replaced the rice with some Chinese style noodles:

Asian Fushion Food – Side dishes

Do you have guests for dinner or do you just feel like cooking? Then you can easily combine the dishes above with some nice side dishes, such as miso soup and Asian salad:

Of course, adding a little sushi will never hurt. And why not bake a nice Takonoki cake for dessert?

More Asian Fusion Food?

Do you love to cook and would you like to learn how to make regional Japanese dishes? Check out our free cooking lessons by Taka (from Regional Food Japan).

Keep an eye on our site and socials for more Asian Fusion Food. And do you have a nice idea? Feel free to contact us! If you like this page, you can bookmark & share it (for example via Pinterest) with the image below:

Asian Fusion Food by Japan Fans Utrecht