Japanese Study Group with Hiromi sensei

Japanese Study Group with Hiromi sensei, Japan Fans, Japanese Arts & Culture from the Centre of Utrecht, Japans Cultureel Centrum Utrecht.
Picture by Dhafin Kumarajati

Join our free Japanese Study Group with Hiromi sensei.

Japanese Language & Culture in Utrecht

Every Friday afternoon, several members of Japan Fans Utrecht get together. On sunny days in the Majellapark, on less sunny days in community centre Rosa or in the studio of our teacher Hiromi-san.

We learn all kinds of interesting things about Japanese art and culture, and every week we carefully try to work on our Japanese language skills. We read funny Japanese children’s books, play all kinds of Japanese games – like Shiritori – and learn grammar with stencils made by Hiromi.

Are you interested in joining us? Participation is free of charge and you can register with Martine.

Japan Fans Studiegroep - leer alles over Japanse taal, kunst & cultuur in het centrum van Utrecht
The Dutch header for our Japan Fans Study Group.

Learn Japanese (and Dutch!) with other Japan Fans

Don’t worry about your level of Japanese, everyone is welcome. Some of us had never learned Japanese before joining the group, others could already hold a decent conversation… and most of the participants were somewhere in between.

Hiromi-san makes sure that every lesson has something interesting for everyone. The assignments – such as the one minute pitch – can be done as you like, each at his/her own level. In addition, there is plenty of room to ask questions.

Depending on who’s attending, we can also provide help with learning the Dutch language. Let us know if you are interested in that!

Oh and PS: we regularly bring along some sweets! 😉

Japanese Study Group with Hiromi sensei

Click here to read this lesson… 😉

Online Japanese Language Lessons

Additional explanations and exercises for learning Japanese can also be found via our Instagram , Twitter and Facebook group. Here you can also meet (other) members of the Japanese Study Group with Hiromi sensei.

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Grammatica – は vs が

De Studiegroep draait inmiddels op volle toeren. Elke vrijdagmiddag spreken we af om van Hiromi te leren over de Japanse taal en cultuur. We lezen / vertalen samen kinderboekjes, leren vanalles over de verschillende soorten Japans theater en vragen Hiromi het hemd van het lijf. Onder meer over die vervreemdende…

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Homework: one-minute-speech!

Last Friday, the study group had its first meeting. And the members also got their first homework assignment… 😉 Next Friday, everyone will give an “elevator pitch”, about a subject of their choice, in Japanese. Exciting! But how do you prepare something like that? In this blog, professional public speaker…

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Grammatica – no (の)

Afgelopen vrijdag had de studiegroep haar allereerste bijeenkomst! Het was enorm leuk om nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten met dezelfde interesse. Hiromi-san had een presentatie voorbereid over de verschillende vormen van Japans theater en beantwoordde vragen over de Japanse taal en cultuur. Een van de vragen ging over het partikel no…

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