Missie & Visie

MISSION STATEMENT – Japan Fans’s mission is to create an environment where we dedicate resources to enrich your understanding of Japanese heritage and traditions through community outreach by educational, social, and recreational programs.

VISION STATEMENT – We envision fostering a collaborative community where people of all ages and diverse backgrounds feel welcome to partake in promoting and preserving Japanese customs and help build bridges between our cultures.

BACKGROUND – Ever since a group of friends decided to unite to advance their shared interest in the culture and customs of Japan, the Japan Fans volunteers have committed to providing the residents of Utrecht and other parts of the world with active and vibrant programming to promote a better understanding of the Japanese way of life with cultural, artistic and educational programs.

Through our educational and recreational activities, we invite and gather people from all walks of life to explore the rich heritage of Japan. Some activities include organising digital or on-the-ground events like origami workshops, martial arts demonstrations, Japanese cuisines, sea monster exhibitions, concerts with Japanese musics, and many other planned events.

In the spirit of Bushido, we welcome all Japan enthusiasts and strive to maintain an open community where people feel connected, supported, and heard.

DONATE – At Japan Fans, we try to keep the costs of our activities to zero for wider accessibility. Although, as a collaborative community is our biggest asset, we also take into account and respect the many ideas of our community to facilitate more special events—but we can’t do it without your support!

Every little donation makes a difference, and it is your trust and generosity that helps us organize many of the interactive programs to develop a deeper cultural awareness of Japan and serve as a second home to many individuals.

We would also like to thank and show our appreciation to the valuable contributions and hard work of volunteers that help us sustain a diverse program of events and lectures related to the Japanese arts, culture and history.

With your crucial support, we look forward to keep organising many exciting events in the future and help us continue our vision to create a place for arts, culture, and community. Click here to donate.

VOLUNTEER – Would you like to do more with your interest in Japanese art and culture? Japan Fans is a collaborative community – based in the center of Utrecht – where people of all ages and diverse backgrounds feel welcome to partake in promoting and preserving Japanese customs, in order to build bridges between our cultures. We have many vacancies, for example for social media creatives, musicians, artists, bloggers, cooks, martial artists and more, and are also open to new initiatives. Get in touch if you want to contribute! We offer a great team, friendship and inspiration and a modest volunteer fee. Read our Vacancies for more information.

These texts were written by Layla Bukhari, a Japan Fan from Pakistan. With many thanks to Tim and Rolf for their feedback!